Photo: Before and After of Child Martyr Ibrahim Abd Al Salam Al Rebdawi


Before and after of Ibrahim al Salam al Rebdawi


Disturbing — Syrian kids massacred today in Herak, Daraa

A new massacre committed by Assad gangs today, July 24, 2012, in al Herak, 30 KM northeast of Daraa has left many dead, including children. Entire families were killed as Assad bombs are widespread & indiscriminate. These are the names of children confirmed to be dead: Hind Ghassan Al-Salamat, Asmaa Ghassan Al-Salamat, Marya Ghassan Al-Salamat, Mohamed Nemr Al-Salamat (5 years old), Abdul Rahman Faisal Al-Salamat (6 years old), and Ikhlas Ahmad Al-Salamat (22 years old).

Warning: Graphic Footage.