VIDEO: Assad forces fire SCUD missiles towards the city of Aleppo

Today video surfaced of the Assad regime firing more SCUD missiles toward the major Syrian city of Aleppo.

The regime has used SCUDs against Syrian civilians before.


Peaceful demonstrations in central Damascus, Syria

One second you’re down, and the next you’re up. That’s how it goes with the Syrian revolution. Right now, I am up, because the people of central Damascus are up.

Syrian youth demonstrated today in the heart of central Damascus, near the Justice Palace.

If you have ever been to Damascus, you know how hard it is to organize a gathering of 5 people. Protesting in the streets is nearly impossible and quite frankly, a death wish.

Miles away – just south of the old walled city of Damascus – Syrian youth were protesting in al Midan, a neighborhood known for resilience and bravery.

During French occupation, al Midan fought fiercely for their freedom and suffered heavy bombardment.

The Assad regime has attacked the capital Damascus with helicopters, besieged major neighborhoods with tanks, and even dropped TNT barrel bombs in Hajar al Aswad. Damascus is awake and fearless. Anyone who says otherwise is not paying close attention.