Massacre in Jdaydet Artouz, Damascus suburbs

More than 180 Syrians were killed yesterday, August 1, 2012, including at least 50 in a massacre by the Assad regime in Jdaydet Artouz, a southwestern suburb of Damascus. Bodies were dumped in various locations and most had been handcuffed before execution.

The following martyrs of the Artouz Massacre have been confirmed by the Local Coordination Committees:

Lawyer Abdul Qader Bilal, Amer Al-Masri, Manar Al-Masri, Nabel Al-Boqaai, Ibrahim Al-Boqaai, Fadi Rima and his father Hani Rima, Rasheed Al-Biqaai, Mohamad Kheir Al-Boqaai, Zain Mohmad Kheir Al-Boqaai, Amer Mohamad Kheir Al-Boqaai, Abdul Rahman Mohamad Kheir Al-Boqaai, Abdul Rahim Mrabiya, Wajdi Mrabiya, Ibrahim Mrabiya, Omar Bilal and Zain Al-Dein Bilal.

Final resting place — a mass grave.


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