Names of 11 Palestinians killed at Yarmouk Camp on July 13, 2012

  1. أحمد السهلي                    Ahmad al Sahli
  2. إياد فرحات                      Iyad Farhat
  3. إياس فرحات                     Iyas Farhat (20 years old)
  4. جمال مصطفى عطا           Jamal Mustapha Atta
  5. ضياء محمد                     Diaa Mohammed
  6. عامر الحجة                     Amr al Hajjeh (18 years old)
  7. عفيف مصطفى                 Afif Mustapha
  8. لؤي جلبوط                      Louay Jalbout
  9. محمد محمود                    Mohammed Mahmoud
  10. هاني الخرما                     Hani al Kharma
  11. يزن ناصر عيسى الخضراء   Yazan Naser Esa al Khadraa (15 years old)

On July 13, 2012, thousands of Palestinian gathered for a massive demonstration against the Assad regime at the Yarmouk Camp in central Damascus, Syria.

Forces loyal to the regime stormed the Yarmouk Camp and killed 11 unarmed Palestinian protesters. The video below shows 15-year-old Yazan Khadraa after being shot in the face.

The following day residents of Yarmouk, which houses more than 100,000 Palestinians refugees, held a massive funeral for the 11 martyrs, despite the consequences of such defiance against the Assad regime.


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