UN monitors arrive to Damascus, crackdown continues, Syrians remain united

Given the arrival of the advanced UN team to Damascus, many were expecting the Syrian government to take the day off. But they were wrong. Regime forces loyal to Bashar al Assad killed more than 55 Syrians today, including women and children.

Intense shelling was reported in Homs. The following footage shows the regime shelling the area in front of the National Hospital.

The regime’s bombs do not discriminate along sectarian lines. The Khaled bin Walid mosque was attacked again today by regime forces, and yesterday on Easter, regime forces bombed a church.The Syrian government is hoping to divide and weaken the opposition by inciting sectarianism among the peaceful protesters.

But the Syrian people are united.

In this video, a Muslim woman from Hama – a conservative city and a center for Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood- spray paints on a wall the words, “to my Christian brothers, I will protect you with my blood. Happy Easter.”

Assad will bomb more mosques, and more churches, but he will not divide the Syrian people, who continue to amaze the world, day by day.


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