Precious girl collecting water from the rain

Assad can cut the water supply, but God is still watching over Homs (Photo credit: Local Coordination Committees

The Syrian government’s 27-day bombing campaign against the civilians of Homs -and the subsequent humanitarian crisis- has left many dead. If civilians aren’t killed by the heavy shelling, they starve or freeze to death. Despite the government’s promises that the International Committee of the Red Cross would be granted access inside Homs, the ICRC said today that it was denied entry.

Over the past 11 months, Assad’s security forces have not only attacked clearly marked ambulance cars, but have used them to infilitrate opposition groups and to kidnap the wounded.

The Syrian people demand that a safe-zone be immediately established inside Syrian territory. Civilians have the right to access to humanitarian relief. By failing to establish a safe-zone, we are literally watching Syria’s future be murdered.


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